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About Us


Davey Bickford is committed to delivering increased productivity and profitability for our partners and clients.

Through our global support teams and next-generation detonation products, we deliver open and supportive partnerships that drive operational success.


When our founder William Bickford patented the safety fuse in 1831, he changed the world. And through his partnership with George Smith and Thomas Davey, they lit the spark that became Davey Bickford. Since our inception in 1831, we’ve worked to keep that spirit of innovation alive.

Two centuries of technical innovation have allowed us to elevate blast design and detonation to new levels of productivity and safety. We invented the first detonating cord in 1906, opening the door to some of the initiation systems used in mining and drilling today. By 1965 we were inundated with orders for the first Daveytdet!


In 2015, Chilean-based Enaex acquired Davey Bickford.

Enaex is a world leader in mining services the market leader in Latin America. Davey Bickford is a company with truly global reach. Our experts and technology are located in Australia, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

Our leading-edge products are manufactured at the Davey Bickford production site in France.

Global Footprint


85% of our business outside France
65% outside Europe