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Innovation Commitment

If innovation is all about “translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay”*, Davey Bickford has always been animated by an innovative mindset, from inventing the safety fuse in 1831 to pioneering the electronic initiation system in 1998.

If a major part of the innovation spirit is moved by a focus on technology through a significant investment in research & development, it is also enhanced by a customer centric approach.

1. Technology, a multi-disciplinary know-how supported by a continuous investment.

 The Davey Bickford technology department (R&D) is dedicated to applied research that serves a triple objective: system safety and performance enhancement, future disruptive offers and reduction in environmental impacts.

The team is made of more than twenty engineers & technicians.

Three laboratories and one testing areas are important resources used by the technology department at the Héry site.

Davey Bickford dedicates every year around 4% of its turnover in developing technologies.

Initially specializing in explosives chemistry (primary chemistry), the department has exponentially broadened its area of expertise in electronics, embedded software, radiofrequency, etc. 

 It was in Héry that the first DaveyTronic® electronic detonator was designed and developed in 1998, making Davey Bickford a groundbreaker in technology.

Davey Bickford’s Innovation and Technology department works along three major lines:

  • The improvement of existing products, to address new expressed market needs

  • The development of the next generation of DaveyTronic®

  • Preparation for the technological future of upcoming detonators and initiation systems, in partnership with reputable fundamental research laboratories.


Research is also geared towards improvements aiming to minimize the environmental impact of products. This is why Davey Bickford has launched the initial manufacturing phase of initiators without lead and other heavy metals – a significant progress in the pyrotechnic world.

2. A customer centric organization

 The innovation mindset is also driven by a great proximity with our customers. It is due to Davey Bickford structure & organization:

  • Local subsidiaries in key markets

  • Daveytronic implementation teams, attached to those subsidiaries with a global coordination & consolidation from the technology department, turning insights directly into added-value specifications & enhancements, and;

  • Blasting consulting experts, also known as Enaex Mining Technical Solutions, bringing tailor-made advice to each mine site using or intending to use Daveytronic.