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3 Ways to Minimise Downtime at Mining Sites

September 16, 2020

As Australian mining moves toward an era of increased automation, the concept of the “fully automated mine” has become a popular talking point. Proponents argue that technology is progressing rapidly; that we already take specific technology for granted (i.e. Wi-Fi on airplanes) that didn’t exist twenty years ago. Given the speed at which new tech is developing, why should it not be reasonable to expect full automation within a decade or two?


How Will Country Border Closures Affect the Mining Industry in 2021?

September 09, 2020

As 2020 begins to wind down, the network of partnerships that comprise the global mining industry has never been more visible. Back in March and April, when COVID-19 containment measures became widespread, operators drew up strategies with a mix of realism and optimism. It was irresponsible to paint a rosy picture, but there was ample space for optimism – namely that outbreaks would be controlled with greater success as the weeks rolled by. The would allow for the movement of equipment, personnel, and minerals between territories to gradually resume.


When Social Unrest Affects Mining Operations

September 02, 2020

What is essential business? The current global crisis has shown how nuanced and complex that question can be. Of course, food and water supplies are essential. People also need access to medical care, housing, banking, hardware stores, transport services, plumbers, electricians – and the list goes on.