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At Davey Bickford, raising the bar on health and safety has been a priority since the beginning.

​By challenging and optimising the blast designs used at mining sites, the experts at Davey Bickford do more than improve fragmentation and increase production. We also reduce the number of blasts necessary, optimise the direction of blasts, and minimise ground vibrations to create a safer mining operation, both for the workers on the ground and the surrounding communities.


At our production headquarters in France, as well as our service centres across six continents, we constantly strive to improve standards in health and safety. During the past decade, Davey Bickford has devoted significant resources to the following areas:

  • Reduction of workplace
  • accidents
  • Noise reduction
  • Ergonomic work stations, and;
  • Removal of harmful elements from workplace environments.


Safety audits, hygiene reviews, and employee safety training are an ongoing part of our operations. Various external organisations and internal departments are involved in these activities, including:

  • The European Health Service & Education Committee (HSEC)
  • Independent safety consultants
  • Human Resources, and;
  • Hygiene and Working Conditions Monitoring Committees.

We believe that a comprehensive approach to safety standards in the workplace is a vital aspect of our long-term success and global reputation.

Community Relationships

We maintain a zero tolerance policy with respect to corruption.
To this end, we established our Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery policy in 2012. This Policy is overseen by a dedicated Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Committee.

Detailed reporting procedures are set forth regarding any questionable or potentially corrupt business activities. Our company has never been involved in any legal cases, rulings, or other procedures related to bribery and corruption. We take this record seriously, and demand the same from our partners.

To that end, business partners and suppliers that work with Davey Bickford are required to acknowledge and sign a contract that guarantees adherence to anti-corruption principles.