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Protecting against inappropriate use

The invention of the safety fuse in 1831 by our founder was a quantum leap forward in the safety of commercial mining and tunnelling. We have continued this tradition of innovation and safety ever since, and this has never been more important as the world around us continues to change at an unprecedented rate.

​At Davey Bickford, raising the bar on safety has been a priority since the beginning, and that hasn't changed. But the world around us, and technology, has.

​We live in a time of constant change and now, more than ever, safety both on and offsite, is of paramount concern and priority for everyone. It goes beyond the safe handling of explosives for intended use by appropriately qualified staff, to ensuring that access, and multiple safety measures are just part of standard operating procedure.


There are four key safety features unique to DaveyTronic® designed specifically to increase safety for not only the sites and end users, but in a greater global context.


From our in-built RFID technology creating a secure communications network ensuring only the hardware dedicated to the blast can initiate it, two separate physical swipe cards requiring human verification by both the shotfirer and blast controller. All this adds up to additional safety, accountability and control during the firing procedure. DaveyTronic® is engineered for safety and security.


The DaveyTronic® system enables control equipment to pre-set operating lockout periods. This means sites select operating times for the DaveyTronic® equipment to coincide with firing windows. Operation is not possible outside these site specific / designated time lockout settings. At all. Ever.


In addition to the operating time lock, the DaveyTronic® system requires a safety lockout exclusion zone to be set around blast locations. This means blast initiation will only be enabled if the control equipment is outside the preselected zones. These zones are typically specified as per the mine's blast exclusion zones, but can also be set around non- blasting critical infrastructure.



DaveyTronic® allows you to accurately reconcile planned detonators extracted from the magazines versus the actual detonator count fired after every blast. It will also accurately monitor DaveyTronic® equipment status, location and servicing in real time.


We are committed 100% to keeping everybody safe and ensuring we provide the best possible products, systems, checks and measures to ensure you can do the same.


Davey Bickford and DaveyTronic® gives you total peace of mind that you, your team and site are safeguarded against inappropriate use of explosives by providing:

  • The ability to follow full life cycle (to post blast) of your security sensitive inventory
  • Accurate data so you know WHERE it is used, WHEN and by WHOM, and;
  • Additional layers of security and secondary reinforcement during the blasting procedure.