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DaveyTronic® SP digital blasting system for large open pit mining operations


The new DaveyTronic® SP Digital Blasting System consists of a set of three rugged units : hand-held Remote Blaster and Programming Unit together with a compact Blast Driver. USB, RS232 and Ethernet smart interfaces facilitate the communication with PC applications such as D2D (blast design software) or Datalogger (data transfer software).


DaveyTronic® SP Digital Blasting System features a secure encoded proprietary communication protocol for both firing line control and wireless data transmission. The integrated modems provide world class performance with reliability specifically developed for the mining industry. The field- provenDaveyTronic® SP detonator offers the industry an unparalleled safety level with two-capacitors, coded two- way communication, and the exclusive Davey Bickford smart shunt.


With the DaveyTronic® SP Digital Blasting System, security is even reinforced with the patented RFID technology and the unique ID tracking number of each detonator. Blast Drivers and Remote Blasters are coupled before blasting to ensure immunity to other RF devices and unintended initiation. The design includes an exclusive “EMP proof” feature consisting of a firing line galvanic insulation eliminating the risk of electrical shock.


It is now possible for the DaveyTronic® SP Remote Blaster to remotely control a network of several Blast Drivers located at different areas of the mine, in order to fire several blasts simultaneously from a central location.
The accuracy and reliability of the DaveyTronic®SP detonator allows significant improvement to blast performance through:

  • Improved fragmentation and material uniformity.
  • Improved muck pile control to enhance excavation and dilution control.
  • Improved vibration control and repeatability.
  • Allowing larger blasts to further reduce downtime and increase productivity.
  • Our multi-blast function, allows our DaveyTronic® SP Digital Remote Blaster (DRB) to remotely control a network of several Blast Drivers (DBD) located at different areas of the mine, in order to fire several blasts in the same blasting time window from a central location.
  • The Synchroblast(TM) mode also allows a very large blast associating up to three DBD on a single shot.

DaveyTronic® SP
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