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DaveyTronic® Underground digital blasting system

The most compatible Electronic Initiation System in underground production environment with unparalleled safety.

The DaveyTronic® UG electronic blasting system has been inherited from the cumulated expertise and field-proven experience of the DaveyTronic® range, particularly its most-advanced system: the DaveyTronic® SP 4th generation. With the know-how of the Davey Bickford implementation and Global Technical
Solutions teams, the DaveyTronic® UG system will change the way you ignite your blast in your underground operations. Welcome to your future!

Full compatibility with underground environment

  • The DaveyTronic® UG system is fully compatible with all major underground network systems for remote blasting:

    - Leaky feeder
    - RS485
    - Wifi
    - Phone line
    - Optic fiber


  • Designed for demanding underground operation needs, the DaveyTronic® UG detonator is protected against:

    - Dynamic pressure thanks to its enduring copper shell
    - Electromagnetic pulse thanks to the design of its electronic module.

  • The blasting pieces of equipment* are also rugged for tough conditions of potential shocks and high level of humidity.

The DaveyTronic® safety excellence by design all along the blasting procedure

  • Safer at detonator level:

    - Exclusive double capacitor: one for double way communication with blasting equipment and one for firing
    - Exclusive Smartshunt, insulating the fuse head until the firing order is received

DaveyTronic® UG
technical data sheet

  • Safer at system level:

    - Permanent testing procedures until the firing order is given Electronic safety lock to authorise the firing procedure.

The full compatibility & total safety of the DaveyTronic® UG system associated with the Davey Bickford engineering capabilities will support you in addressing most of underground challenges such as:

  • Vibration control and less damage on nearby excavations
  • Overbreak & underbreak reduction
  • Mass production blasts and/or multiple faces with ease of implementation and therefore, more productivity
  • Lower cost per unit and quicker advance (in case of development and tunneling)
  • Better stock management**

** Compared with non-electric stock

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